Victorian folding shutters

Reuben worked closely with this client to design, make and install these solid hardwood shutters. They where made to go into a house built in 1910. Reuben came up with this fold away design to be sympathetic to the original features in the house.IMG_2415 IMG_2417  IMG_2421IMG_2423

Wendy House

A lovely little project for a family with two girls. Reuben was commissioned to design and make a Wendy house on stilts for the children to play in. The space under the house also doubles as good storage for toys and garden equipment.IMG_2250 IMG_2251 IMG_2252

Occational Table

A small occational table designed by Reuben to go in a narrow hallway. This table was made in European oak and stained to the clients requirements. It was then finished with a French polish. .1 DSC08262

Open plan German Kitchen

An exciting opportunity to re-model the clients kitchen. Reuben had to knock through a dinning room into a kitchen in order to get this free flowing kitchen space. Reuben undertook all the building work including plastering, moving the lights, sockets and plumbing. The German kitchen was sourced from a local supplier and then fitted be Reubenimage6 image5 image3 image1

Fitted Wardrobes

Reuben was commissioned to install these beautiful mirror fronted wardrobes with sliding doors. The client requested a contemporary feel and liked the idea of having sliding as opposed to hinged doors to make best use of the space. The front of the wardrobe was trimmed out in solid oak and varnished.

The internal storage system was put in to make the space adaptable to the client’s needs and to the left of the wardrobe Reuben made a bespoke oak bookcase to fit the remaining space available.Wardrobes 001 small Wardrobes 002 small Wardrobes 003 small

Bird Box City an Exhibition

This collection of quirky but attractive bird boxes was entered into the Brighton Open Exhibition and displayed in a walled garden. Inspired by his earlier bird box creations Reuben designed and made these boxes to fit in with the bohemian Brighton art scene. Reuben has since designed and made bird boxes for various clients to fit their gardens and ideas.bird city bird city 2 bird city 3

RHS Award Winning Garden

Reuben Kyte is proud to announce that we have just received an RHS Silver Gilt medal for the ‘Austerity Show Garden’ at the Gardener’s World Live exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. We also received ‘Best In Show’ for our category. The Garden was designed by Jade Goto and Reuben was commissioned to realise the innovative idea. Jade chose Reuben for his attention to detail and wide range of skills which enabled him to deliver the project to the very highest of standard.

The garden was inspired by the need to recycle materials but not to compromise on design. The deck and furniture were constructed out of old scaffolding planks and the timber wall was made using hardwood off-cuts from a joinery workshop. Corten Steel was used to make the window frame. Treebox provided a vertical planting system made out of recycled polypropylene. The planting was inspired by the arid conditions found in Mexico and other areas where there is a lack of water. This was a reflection on the need for water conservation due to climate change.

DSC08078 - Copy DSC08065 DSC08089 DSC08103

Bird boxes

These over-sized colourful bird boxes were made for a wedding feast to house sweets. They were placed round the grounds of the wedding venue with a set of clues to lead the guests from one bird box to the next, collecting sweets as they went. The gothic-style boxes were inspired by the venue. Reuben designed and installed the bird box treasure hunt for the couple’s happy day.

Subsequently Reuben has been asked to make bespoke bird boxes for various clients for their gardens.

arrow-head-bird-box-01 arrow-head-bird-box-02 gothic-bird-box-01 kite-bird-box-01 kite-bird-box-02 pagoda-bird-box-01 pagoda-bird-box-02 pod-bird-box-01 pod-bird-box-02 round-bottom-bird-box-01 round-bottom-bird-box-02

Egg and spoon sculptures

This client commissioned Reuben to make these fun sculptures for her grandchildren to play on. The timber was from some large cedar trees on her land that were brought down in a storm. Having been given a brief to make sculptures for all the family to enjoy, Reuben was inspired by the suggestive shapes of the fallen timber and created the egg and spoon. The process was a very organic one with Reuben responding to the materials as they presented themselves.

egg-and-sea-pod-01 spoon-2-01 spoon-2-02 spoon-and-egg-03 spoon-and-egg-04

Norse heads

These stone carvings were commissioned by a client who found a set of old stone gate posts buried in his back garden whilst excavating for a new extension. He wanted to make them into a feature for his driveway and came to Reuben to get help with the design. The client had a rough idea of what he wanted and Reuben worked with him to solidify the ideas and come up with the final designs. These bespoke sculptures now stand half way up his drive to welcome visitors to his home.

stone-heads-01 stone-heads-02 stone-heads-03 stone-heads-04 stone-heads-05 stone-heads-06

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