Bird boxes

These over-sized colourful bird boxes were made for a wedding feast to house sweets. They were placed round the grounds of the wedding venue with a set of clues to lead the guests from one bird box to the next, collecting sweets as they went. The gothic-style boxes were inspired by the venue. Reuben designed and installed the bird box treasure hunt for the couple’s happy day.

Subsequently Reuben has been asked to make bespoke bird boxes for various clients for their gardens.

arrow-head-bird-box-01 arrow-head-bird-box-02 gothic-bird-box-01 kite-bird-box-01 kite-bird-box-02 pagoda-bird-box-01 pagoda-bird-box-02 pod-bird-box-01 pod-bird-box-02 round-bottom-bird-box-01 round-bottom-bird-box-02

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